5 Reasons Why Nothing Better Than a Festive Bonus

They say that it may be hard to win at casino as they have the edge on every game there is. It’s true. Almost. If there is ever a time that you can almost guarantee you can play poker and casino games for free, it’s the holidays. Doesn’t it mean that what you get for free are also wins?

Brands love holidays


It is likely that during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday you got over 20 emails, not to mention phone messages about ‘the best and only now’ deals. Is that right?

Everyone knows it’s a time when customers are actively looking either for gifts for their loved ones or fun for themselves. That’s why the brands are willing to spend a little extra to gain new customers who can later repay in loyalty.

The same happens with poker and casino sites. So, if you want to, come and play for free!  



First of all, festive bonuses are often better. Either bigger or have lower restrictions simply because this time is extra important for the brand. A new player now is extremely important to them, so if you are looking for a casino bonus, this is the time to get them. 

Hundreds of Freerolls

Holidays are also fantastic for bankroll building. Even if you have $0 to deposit, there are many Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Freerolls as well as (more than usual) free spins offers.

Did you consider that every casino and poker brand now prepare an Advent Calendar with 24 promotions during December?

You Don’t Need to Be a New Player

We have already mentioned it briefly but the fact is simple. Most casinos will only care about bringing in new players. They will use bonuses and various other hooks but existing players may feel left out.

Not on holidays. Often, holiday offers will apply to everyone equally.

Top Class Gadgets

win ipad

You are going to love holiday promotions if you are looking for a new tech toy. Due to the global trends, brands also stock up on tech stuff and give it away via various giveaways, Advent Calendar promotions, lotteries and more.

During some promotions you are guaranteed to get it, if you complete a certain requirement (wager race).

Others have lower entry requirements but include an element of luck (lotter).

But the good news is that no one can stop you from picking either one or even both and double your chances of winning an iPad, a quadcopter, a new gaming laptop, a VR set or whatever else in popular during those holidays.

It is Guaranteed

advent calanedar

They say only two things you can be sure about, death and taxes. Well, maybe so, but there are also holiday promotions that are guaranteed to be happening every year. You know that. We know that.

And now you know how to make it all work to your advantage.



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